Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Space Ork Raiders

The Space Ork Raiders set is quite possibly the first 40k models I ever purchased. Thrugg Bullneck and Hhruk featured in many of my early games.

The box featured four unique models (Thrugg, Hhruk, a squad leader, and heavy bolt gun) and 13 Ork Boyz with bolt guns. I've made attempts to paint a few in the past, but the results were poor. I'm setting out to not only paint this set, but the thirty or forty others I have in my collection. I also have an RT era buggy still in it's original hard plastic package. If I can manage to paint these, I'll start hunting eBay for the RT era grots, buggies, wartraks and dreadnoughts to add some variety to the force.

Here's my test model. I'm painting these guys pre-clan books, so no Goffs, Bad Moons, etc. I'll be painting them similar to the original adverts as is usual for my Rogue Trader collection.

Hopefully many more to come..

Monday, July 15, 2019


I ordered this model the day Wargames Foundry released the pack and have just now got around to painting him!

I'm really on a RT kick at the moment and I have a whole pile of models on the way. Stay tuned..

Monday, July 1, 2019

Rogue Trader Adventurers


Ever since first seeing the ad in White Dwarf, it was a dream to own the entire collection of Rogue Trader Adventurers. It was back in the dark days before the internet (the horror) and mail order overseas was a pain. The closest store to carry Games Workshop models was nearly two hours away from my home and it was difficult for them to maintain a full selection. It was often hit or miss when I had the chance to make the trek. Add to that the limited disposable income of a student (oh, how I wish they were still 5 for £2.50) and you will see the challenge. Even with all this, more than half of these models were purchased during those years. Few were actually painted and even fewer found their way to the game table. They were packed away and shuffled from home to home, until I rediscovered the treasure horde a few years ago. With the magic of eBay, at long last I was able to complete this set - and possibly more surprising, I managed to paint them all!

I created this poster to pay homage to the ad that fired my imagination and celebrate the completion of a project which has taken thirty one years to realize...


That's mine on the left (click on the pics to see the full size) and I've add the original so you can compare them. There are a few conversions in my collection. Many of the paint schemes were taken directly from the ad, though a handful are my own. Since the photos were taken at different times the angles vary so my poster doesn't have the more regimented look of the original. There are also some variations in color balance and lighting (the bases should all be the same color). Ah, well - I'm not going to let these minor things spoil the contentment of completing this collection.

All but a few have already been featured on this blog, but here are the final seven models...

It's been too long since I've painted anything from this era (or painted much of anything really), but finishing this group has me digging through my piles of old lead. Hopefully things will be a bit more active around here going forward.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Inquisitor 54mm - Part IX, The Treasure Trove


I actually didn't realize I had this many models assembled until I started dragging them out of the cupboard. Let's see - Gregor Eisenhorne, Death Watch Space Marine, Rogue Trader, Callidus Assassin, Cyber Mastiff, some sort of smary ship captain and two deck hands, another mutant, and the second combat servitor I mentioned a few weeks ago.

Those three boxes in the background are an Eldar Ranger, a Thorian Inquisitor (kind of a Boba Fett looking helmet), and a female Inquisitor named Lady Jena Orechiel. There are some kits that I never built 'as is' like the Imperial Guard guy and Cultist with the chainsword, but I used the bits for other models. There were a few kits I didn't have, but I'm going to have to look into this now... I have a feeling my OCD is about to kick in.

I haven't dug into this box, but I see six pairs of legs, so I'm betting I can get at least four models out of this stuff (one is another death cult assassin), plus a Reaper Miniatures 54mm gun chick of some sort and a weird bald little mutant.

Now what can I do with all of this stuff?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inquisitor 54mm - Part VIII, Security Force

I used these guys for all sorts of things - Naval Security, PDF Troops, and traitorous cultists...

...and that, sadly, is that... hopefully you enjoyed looking back at these. I had fun finally getting them to pose for the camera.

I'll have one more post looking at all of the unpainted stuff I still have. It wouldn't take too much to actually paint the entire collection I have on hand (how often can you say that about a game?). I might have to see about getting them on the table again...

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Inquisitor 54mm - Part VII, Seon Haryll

I think I only used these guys once...




I have another combat servitor assembled. Looking back at all of this stuff makes we want to paint some more... These guys opened the warp portal (by accident while trying to unlock the secrets of a strange artifact) that killed (?) Mathias Roller and Goya.

Next week, a squad of Naval Security troopers...

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Inquisitor 54mm, Part VI - The Mutants

I used these several times as antagonists. I don't think they ever had names...

Next week... Adeptus Mechanicus!