Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Looking Back at 2015

The blog launched on December 14, 2014, but I only managed around 5 posts that year. I am now up to 164 posts, 88 followers, and a fairly large collection of painted oldschool lead!

55 Chaos
38 Undead
70 Rogue Trader

All but 7 (2 Chaos Warriors and 5 Ultramarines) of these were painted this year! I also managed 162 models on my other site - WW2, League of Augsburg, Beyond the Gates of Antares, and a few more. But, here are just a few of the models I painted this year...

Thanks for following the blog! Lots more on the way in 2016...


  1. That's a great selection of lead! Looking forward to what 2016 brings.

  2. Most impressive ! Here's to 2016 !

  3. Beautiful, beautiful work. The way you manage to bring out bright, rich tones in your work has long been an inspiration to my own painting. Your chaos stuff stands out particularly strongly in this regard. But your Rogue Trader minis (which I haven't really looked at properly before) are outstanding. They look like you have just pinched a few models out of 'Eavy Metal circa 1988! Fantastic work as always. Keep it up!

  4. I look forward to more in 2016! The eldar squad was probably my favourite; very inspirational indeed!

  5. I love so many of these minis! Keep up the great work!