Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rogue Trader Adventurers

Finished two more...

Diddle Baggins, the Halfling Cook... part of the notorious Abdul Goldberg gang...

... and a real he-man known only as 'Hero'. This is one of several of the adventurer range that seems to feel good about wading into the darkness that is the 41st millennium in only a loin cloth! Either a 40k troupe on a male review tour or a cadre of real badasses!

Slowly working my way through more this week!


  1. Both are great! I was about to say nothing can beat that cook...then I scrolled down. Lol. I've not seen that mini before, now I wantz. ;)

  2. Nice. I believe that is the same cook that took 2 rounds of 17+ bolters firing at him and came out without a scratch. Bastard!