Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Space Ork Raiders

The Space Ork Raiders set is quite possibly the first 40k models I ever purchased. Thrugg Bullneck and Hhruk featured in many of my early games.

The box featured four unique models (Thrugg, Hhruk, a squad leader, and heavy bolt gun) and 13 Ork Boyz with bolt guns. I've made attempts to paint a few in the past, but the results were poor. I'm setting out to not only paint this set, but the thirty or forty others I have in my collection. I also have an RT era buggy still in it's original hard plastic package. If I can manage to paint these, I'll start hunting eBay for the RT era grots, buggies, wartraks and dreadnoughts to add some variety to the force.

Here's my test model. I'm painting these guys pre-clan books, so no Goffs, Bad Moons, etc. I'll be painting them similar to the original adverts as is usual for my Rogue Trader collection.

Hopefully many more to come..