Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eldar Thunder Squad

Eldar Pirate with a Missile Launcher!

I should mention rather than paint every model in the same color scheme, I am going to vary the armour color and use all of the schemes from the Rogue Trader book. The fluff states Eldar Pirates don't wear uniforms and many of the photos have mixed schemes. The yellow helmets will tie the models together...

I have enough old school lead to make two Lightning Sqauds, one Thunder Squad, a Harlequin Troupe (from White Dwarf, not the old Pirate list), and a handful of characters. I also have an old War Walker around here somewhere.


  1. Having spent a long time in the 90s trying to find an Eldar colour scheme, I eventually settled on a blue and grey one which I now find rather boring. The Eldar I painted recently I did in completely individual schemes - it seems more in keeping with their nature that they would each make their own aesthetic choices.

  2. He's a beauty. There's nothing more old skool than old skool Eldar Pirates!

  3. Lovely painting, great to see an old Rogue Trader paint scheme used and done so well.