Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reading Rogue Trader, Part Fourteen

A bit more on weapons...

There are four weapon 'types'
C - Close Combat - Yes, you can use these in hand to hand. Examples: Auto-pistol, Chainsword.
H - Heavy - The weapon imposes a movement penalty listed in it's profile. Examples: Heavy Bolter (1" penalty), Las-cannon (2" penalty).
S - Slow - These are the familiar 'move or fire' weapons. Slow weapons may however be fired from a moving vehicle as long as the crew is stationary within the vehicle. Examples: Melta-Gun, Missile Launcher.
F - Following Fire - If you cause a wound with this weapon (even if it is saved) you get to roll to hit again, either against the same target or against another target within 4". Examples: Plasma Gun, Shuriken Catapult.

A few random notes...
- Auto-guns and Lasguns have the same stats, except that Auto-guns have a range of up to 32" compared to the pedestrian 24" range of the Lasgun.
- Bows could be equipped with explosive arrows that made them the equivalent of Bolt Guns...
- Graviton Gun... yep, this is where it was before every Space Marine in the new edition started carrying one. However, it didn't cause damage. Instead it gave the target a D6" penalty to movement FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. If the target's movement is reduced to zero, the target is pinned to the ground and can take no physical action. Note there is no save of any kind allowed!
- From the entry on the Musket: A primitive weapon, still used on some feral and backward planets, of which Birmingham is the most well known (Birmingham - aka The Black Planet - receives almost no visible light and as a result no-one wants to go there. Its inhabitants have become linguistically and culturally isolated). Have I mentioned how much I love this book?
- Shotgun has Scatter, Solid, and Gas round options.
- Shuriken Catapults have a 0-12"/12-24" range, +1 to hit at close range, S4, a -2 Armour Save mod, and Following Fire. Scary!
- Pistol ranges tend to run up to 16" and most have a +2 to hit at close range, making them much more useful than the modern versions.
- Plasma weapons do not suffer from the Gets Hot! rule, but must recharge between shots and can only fire every other turn.
- Power Swords are S5 (most close combat weapons use the strength of the wielder) and -1 armour save.
- Power Gloves are S8, -5 armour save, and do NOT strike last!

Next time we're going to look at grenades and missiles of which there were a far greater variety (and some great entertainment value) than today.


  1. Ha, Ha! Birmingham! I'm trying to think of a US equivalent. Perhaps a town in the rust belt? It's been a long time since I've been over that way.

  2. I'm really enjoying your RT reviews. Keep'em comin :)

  3. Great read!
    I love RT precisely for things like the Graviton Gun. It transcends issues like game balance.