Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Inquisitor 54mm

While the Inquisitor game is slightly beyond the period I think of when ruminating on Rogue Trader, it's probably the closest GW came to replicating the feeling of the original for me. Players were encouraged to run the game with a GM as the default and build a narrative around their characters. Point costs were non-existent. You just made an Inquisitor, added a handful of misfits for his posse, and set out to kick in the teeth of those who would stand in the way of your goals.

While it was certainly possible to simply play the game in 28mm (and I have lots of stuff painted for that), I think I own almost everything GW produced in 54mm. I actually painted somewhere around 25 to 30 of them - four Inquisitors and their warbands, a Tech-Priest and pair of servitors, a five-man squad of PDF troopers, and half a dozen mutants. I probably have another ten or fifteen models unpainted including the Eldar Scout and hulking Space Marine.

Here were the two main protagonists in my campaign setting...

Tobin Grimm, a dangerous radical...

Johan Macharius, a self-righteous puritan...

At some point I'll see if I can't photograph the whole collection. I don't think I've ever posted them on the web before...


  1. i definitely hold a soft spot for this range! i feel like it's sometimes cast as the black sheep of the GW family, which is unfortunate. i loved the lore, the rules and the models. really hope to see more of these from you.

  2. I always looked longingly at these back in the day, daydreaming of the war bands I would put together, but couldn’t afford. Please post more in order to forestall an eBay spree on my part.

  3. Nicely done pieces, the 54mm figs are all very good sculpts

  4. It was a great game as written, but the barrier to entry was not just the minis, now I would've had to build new terrain and scenery for the scale. I just couldn't bring my self to do it.

    Ironically, that foam bunker they built for it? I just saw one in use last weekend. Those have stood the test of time very well for 28mm games.

  5. Beautiful work Clarence. I stumbled across the rules at a used book store and meant to get started on Inq28 or Inquisimunda and then did something else. I think going 54mm and more like WFRP for the rules put a lot of people off.

  6. This is a game that cost me thousands of dollars, and a significant part of my greater hobby effort for the last 15 years, so yes, please do post more.

  7. Can't decide which I like more of the two mate. They are both absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Absolutely love these!

    I've been collecting 54mm inquisitor since release in 2001, unfortunately my friends never really bought into it after the initial 2-3 models, but I never stopped. I can't get enough of them! Slowly building my collection over the past few years. I've still got a few more figures that are missing from the collection, but every time I find one it's like being a kid at christmas again!

    I love this range of figures!

    Please keep posting more! can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

  9. Superb work, just superb! My main memory of this release is everyone going mad for book (indeed, I still have my copy even though I don’t have any GW books any more) and then the full range taking ages to be released which meant people drifted away.