Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Astropath Malconius Bell

I finally got around to painting a few models for my next Rogue Trader Scenario, Last Stand at Brandon's Star IV.

First up is the Astropath around whom the game centers, Malconius Bell...

I think I spent all of an hour painting this guy, I used Wargames Foundry Boneyard for his skin with a wash of GW Carroburg Crimson under the eyes to give him an unhealthy pallor. Originally I painted the eyes as normal, but he looked much more haunted and haunting with black pools of the warp staring out from his face so I went back and painted out the whites. The sculpted eye sockets are so deep it was hard to get them to look right anyway so I think was better.

I chose to make him a minor hero so he wasn't too much of a badass. I mainly need him sending the alarm through the warp, but his psychic abilities may be necessary for defense as well.

More Imperials soon!


  1. I like him a lot, I prefer those in black than in the canon green (however heartbreaking that might be). Great job.

    1. Thanks!

      Like much of my growing collection, I painted him in the same color scheme as he was in the original Rogue Trader book (page 189) or old catalogue pics. I'm not too bothered by any convention beyond those (wait until you se my Adeptus Arbites JUDGES)...

  2. Nice paint job, and I find the idea of a conversion field amuzing on someone who can not see.

  3. Beautiful work - I especially like the shading on the robe. This is one of my favourite miniatures... I love how oddly tall this figure is. It makes him especially freakish.