Friday, February 26, 2016

Adeptus Arbites Suppression Team

More models for Last Stand at Brandons Star IV!

My initial intention was to use Citadel's old Judge Dredd line for my Adeptus Arbites. However, when I dug them out of the cave they have languished in for decades, I discovered they were waaaay to small to go with the rest of the models. They are nearer true 25mm and while I'm not completely hung up on small differences in scale, these models were a head shorter than most of the others - not something to inspire fear among the citizenry!

Undeterred, I dug through my collection and found these Citadel Paranoia Security Guards and decided they would do nicely. I wish they made more of these. I may get a second set and try a little more drastic conversion work to build them from a 'team' to a 'squad'. I might also look at Warlord's Judge Dredd line - the sculpting seems to have a certain Rogue Trader charm, but again I'd have to see about how they fit in scalewise (anyone have some of these?). I managed a few quick weapon swaps with Bolt Pistols and a Plasma Gun to seat them more firmly in the Rogue Trader universe.

I chose to paint them in a scheme inspired by Judge Dredd rather than the more modern black and white. To tone down the garish combination a bit, I chose a green that had more of a blue tone and substituted a more earthy terracotta for the red. I am well pleased with the results and they should look great on the table! Their armour should give them a little more staying power than the average rebel model...

The Imperial force is taking shape. The models I've collected so far...

1 Astropath

1 Adeptus Arbites Suppression Team (3 models)

1 Adeptus Mechanicus
1 Tech Priest
2 Servitors
1 Skitarri Security Squad (5 models)
1 Robot

The Imperials will also have several scribes and administrators that will probably be of little use in combat, but may serve as shields for the Astropath! I intend to work out a rough point total and then work out the rebels. They outnumber the Imperials three to one, but are mostly standard humans. If I need to add models to the Imperials, I can always pull Marko Steelknife and his crew out for reinforcements!


  1. Hi!
    Warlord miniatures are a tad small but they should fit in with the older Rogue trader stuff, also try
    They do a lovely range of Judge Dredd miniatures as well as modern warfare stuff and the scale is 28mm with only very a very slight difference to GW classics if any at all.

  2. I love what you have done there, the plasma guard is a great conversion, well done :)

  3. Fantastic! Beautiful paint jobs -- you've made the colours so vivid.

    But more than that, I love how you've managed to smoosh together the colours of Dredd, the miniatures of Paranoia and the rules of 40K. That sort of ecumenicism is the true mark of Oldhammer.

  4. Cool work, they totally have that vibe. Well done!