Sunday, May 14, 2017

Arodruin Dreamthief

And that makes four with Aridruin Dreamthief, Troupe Master of the Troupe of the Shattered Spear...

The power glove is suppose to represent a Harlequin's Caress. My original intention was to paint it with a ghostly glow around the hand, but I decided the model had enough going on already. It was really the only model I had without a sword or second pistol in hand.

A bit of the method to my madness when painting these guys and more going forward... I like the appeal of some uniformity in an army. While the old school Harlequins captured my imagination long ago, I wanted to tone down the riot just a bit. I also wanted to avoid the more uniform appearance of the newer GW studio versions.

What I ended up with is a compromise between the two. I've kept a somewhat limited palette, at least for Harlequins. The main unifying detail will be the white masks. All sashes and ribbons will either be yellow or purple. I've already discussed the plan with the relatively plain attire of the Mimes and higher level Harlequins will sport more familiar patterns. To tie together the fancier lads, each will bear at least some of the diamond pattern and all of these will be red and something else. These few choices will give the force a cohesive appearance while still allowing freedom to run a little wild.

I enjoyed painting these minis. I'm not sure if I'll paint more of these now or wait until the need arises in the campaign. I'd like to paint a few more for a proper troupe for Rogue Trader. Flipping through the Shadow War book I've found I can make Imperial Guard, Inquisition, and Eldar lists from Rogue Trader models I've already painted. I also have a hundred or so RT Orks tucked away and a Kill Team seems like a great way to paint up a few of these without the worry of needing all hundred guys for a game.

Fun stuff!


  1. The power glove suits that model well. Great choice of colours with a very neat diamond pattern - superb paint job!

  2. Great. That's exactly what I'm liking about Shadow War, it's giving me a way to dip my toe into painting some of the scads of models I've been collecting. I have stuff for Inquisitors, IG, Ork and I'm working on Genestealers right now.

  3. Great job on this guy. Love the blue and red checkerboarding. That's not easy to do. I have an army of these guys in the lead mountain. I need to get started on them.

  4. That's absolutely wonderful, the visual impact and the overall aspect is simply great.