Monday, May 15, 2017


I really can't decide what to call this game. I suppose going forward, I'll start using Shadow War, but the publication of this book has sparked a return to multiple projects. For instance, this weekend I worked on a little terrain...

Forgive the photos in this post, they were taken with my phone. Still very much a WiP (see all those white and grey rectangles along the right hand side of the photo below? Those are doors that belong on the walls above there current locations).

This project was actually something I started in 2001...

It was a table I was designing for Inquisitor, which I was planning on playing in 28mm (though I ended up buying and painting around 30 of 54mm models... maybe that deserves a post at some point). Aaaaaanyway, the launch of the game featured a battle report with an incredible backdrop factory that filled one whole table edge. As Inquisitor was designed to be played on a 4x4' table in 54mm, I launched a similar project for a 2x2' board.

I have the attention span of a four year old and followed the game into 54mm as I said and probably jumped from that to 40k or Mordheim or Napoleonics or... you get the idea. The model above was tucked away. I've actually returned to his project several times over the years, but never really got around to finishing it. Hell, I might not finish it this time, but at least the release of the industrial kits for Shadow War (and the looming release of 40k eighth edition, which is actually closer to the Rogue Trader rules than the game has been in decades... hmm, that sounds like a topic for another post) got me to pull out the half forgotten shells of project. I spent a couple of days happily carving up foam core, inhaling glue fumes, and generally making a mess across the entire top floor of my home as I rummaged through closets looking for that bit I just know I had tucked away (and leaving piles of stuff around the room as I dug through).

The board needs to be crowded for Inquisitor so this 2x2' board is packed and only needed room for 3-5 models per side to go at it, but all of the terrain will work equally well if I spread it out on a 4x4' or 4x6' table (and add it to my large collection of urban ruins and other 40k stuff). Heck, I've got three or four more of these new kits still in the cellophane! There's still a ton to do, but I thought I'd share a couple of WiP pics and get a cheap blog update out of all this work.

More later (hopefully)...


  1. I see we come from the same school of name picking. Excellent looking WIP on the scenery. It'll be a great board when it's finished. Pull the finger out ;)

  2. Looking excellent! Maybe I need to find a reason to make the drive down to your neck of the woods ๐Ÿ˜œ

  3. A post on the 54mm sounds interesting. i don't recall hearing of anyone acquiring and using so many of the figures. As for flitting from project to project - the dreaming and the planning are all part of the fun.


  4. Looks great. Hopefully it will not take another 5 years to see finished ;0)

  5. Talk about a triumphant return from the Land of Unfinished Projects! Well done with this mate.

    1. Oh, I have so many unfinished projects...

  6. OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I love this! I'm pretty sure I have a ton of old plumbing and sprinkler parts to make something like this. Unfortunately I probably have a shorter attention span. I too bought the books for Inquisitor and thought it would be cool to play with Rogue Trader, and then went on to something else. Please share more. I also hope that you will consider coming to the next Oldhammer Weekend. I think it's in late October this year. If for no other reason to just hang and have a few drinks.