Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Closer Look at the Beastmen

I got a couple of requests for more pics of the beastmen...

The trick to painting a rabble, yet maintain a consistent look is to keep a limited palette for the main focus of the models and vary the accents. In the case of these models, the shields become the main part when the models are ranked because of their position on the bases...

Although I varied the patterns I stuck with the same three colors - red, bone, and black. The secondary focus will fall on the faces and skin tone. I've chosen three different tones and applied them in a set pattern - three grey, two brown, and one green (the last is for Nurgle - I might have chosen differently for another power). Going forward I will follow this on each group of six... this will give me some variation while maintaining an overall unified appearance when the unit is assembled.

Other details - horns, fur, rags - were painted with any colors I wanted without spoiling the effect. I have some Slaaneshi Beastmen in my collection (destined for a champion's warband) and they will be painted using similar guidelines, but with a different palette of colors.

I really LOVE these models! I'll have some Chaos Thugs up next week!


  1. I think those beastmen were sculpted by Bob Olley, which is why they're so good - such great textures and such weird expressions. I love Olley! I've got a bunch of his orcs up on my blog: there's no one like him.

  2. Bob Olley is Marmite and I usually don't like his work. However having seen what you've done with these chaps I'm rather taken with them - in this instance his style seems to really suit the beastman look.

    I probably now like them enough to stop avoiding them when they come up on eBay... Damn you! :)

    1. LOL... Yes, I don't care for all of his sculpts, but these beastmen have always been among my favorite Oldhammer models. As Matthew pointed out they have crazy expressions which border on comical. I miss the humor that I use to enjoy in these old games - everything in the Warhammer universe, both 40k and Fantasy, have gone all grimdark and serious.

  3. those are great figures, you have done them justice.