Friday, January 30, 2015

Human Renegades

Not Chaos Renegades, mind you... I wanted to paint up a couple of guys inspired by the ones in this illo...

I am well pleased with the results. I have painted several hundred Space Marines over the years, but I don't remember enjoying the process more than with these. It was fun to get creative with the color schemes without feeling the need to paint nine more models just like 'em. I really wanted to paint 'THE ONE BIG ONE' on the green guy's shoulder pad, but in the end the first two words were just too small to read and the effect just ruined the chevrons so I had to paint it again - maybe I'll see about getting some decal paper and adding it later. The 'KILL' slogan wound up on the other renegade's leg because I didn't end up with a power fist on either model.

The the Rogue Trader era, lots of Imperial characters had the chance to wind up with powered armour, not just Space Marines. I imagine it wouldn't be beyond the grasp of a couple of successful mercenaries.

No idea where this is going. I just wanted to paint something different. I have lots of adventurers and pirates and these models might end up leading their own warbands of renegades, lending their armoured might to a local Arbites squad, or joining the retinue of a Rogue Trader. I will probably just paint up some models and figure out a scenario afterwards.

Right! Back to Chaos stuff...


  1. Wonderful. That sucks about the words. But they do tend to get in the way at times. I have had to rethink some armor slogans here lately as well on my chaos.

  2. That picture is so iconic, but I've never seen anyone paint up minis based on it. And, you did a great job on the painting. Very inspired!

  3. Yeah, painting words freehand with a paintbrush can be a bit of a bitch. I use acrylic marker pens to write stuff on my minis now. Can't do it without'em.

    Your paint jobs turned out great! I love marines done in unique colour schemes.....the chapters have been done to death anyway!

    Well done :)

  4. Fucking brilliant!
    Rogue Trader is so varied and colourful that I cant even bear the thought of trying to play a contemporary game of 40k (not that I have, actually) Great job - I remember painting up platic marines as a lad with my friends and writing dribble all over them. One of the best slogans I ever saw was on a mates Blood Angel - "DEATH TO BIGBIRD!"
    (It would have been cooler evcept that the 'D' in BIGBIRD looked like an 'O' So in effect it was promising 'Death to BigBiro'


    1. Laughed my arse off when I read that slogan Ace :D

      Top shelf.

  5. great paintjobs on those classic marines, shame it's too hard to write so small LOL.