Friday, January 23, 2015

Chaos Thugs

These models are so much better than the current GW Marauder models.

As you can see, I did use a shield from the new models (the only thing I like about them). Like the beastmen, I'm going to try to use a limited palette, but add variety. All of the models will have green hair when they have hair. Most will have green or red accents, but the shades of these will vary. I'll use various neutral tones or the occasional spot color to to break up the uniformity.


  1. They ooze oldskool charm. The top one is ace! Love the speckles on the bottom fellow as well.

  2. Amazing work man. The newer shield looks great and I love the green hair.

  3. Its interesting which new bits and which older models will go together! Great painting dude, the 'skull on a spike' is a personal favourite =)