Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Daarkon Slobbergobble

Finally got around to taking some pics of stuff I've finished over the last few weeks... This range of Chaos Champions was released after Citadel stopped naming the models in their ads, so the name is one I came up with. I don't intend to name every model in my Chaos army, but I think it is appropriate for champions!

I normally paint 3-5 models at a time so it's been fun to just work on one and pay attention to details I might gloss over in production line painting. It will probably take a year to build an army this way, but I'm not in a huge rush with this project. I'm still adding models in one's and two's anyway. I'll probably break down and paint rank and file types in pairs, but I want to maintain a level of individuality in each model, so there's not a lot to gain in batch painting. 


  1. Very nice work on a classic miniature. I'm batch painting five vintage Citadel orcs at the present and I appreciate what you say about the lack of individuality this method can impart. Fortunately the models themselves are 'individual' enough to make them stand out (hopefully...).

  2. damn he was a strange one wasn't he?

    great paintwork.