Monday, April 6, 2015

Death Riders

Kicking off a week of Death Riders for my Undead army! This model was also painted for the one hour challenge and finished in 50 minutes (not counting a black undercoat or the basing)...

I am planning on having two units of Death Riders. All of the models on zombie steeds will be painted in an ethereal manner inspired by the LotR Army of the Dead. Models on skeletal steeds will be painted in the same manner as my Grim Reapers. Right now I have five like the gentleman above and eight of the others. I will happily combine both types together into one large unit, but I like the idea of having two distinct regiments.

I'll post one Death Rider every day this week and gather the lads together for a huddle on Saturday...


  1. I'm very taken with how you do your bases (looking at your lovely beastmen too). The darker looking stones break things up and make everything look grim and interesting.

  2. Looking forward to it. Nice job on the speed painting as well. ;)