Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rogue Trader Walker

Right! Back to Rogue Trader! The last thing I needed for my Rogue Trader scenario was some kind of support vehicle for my Jokaero. I wanted something old school and something different from the typical kit, so I had another leaf through the Rogue Trader rule book and spotted this...

Brilliant! Now, I didn't want anything quite that large and I didn't have the bits on hand to make something like that anyway, but I did have an Imperial Guard Sentinel so I set out to make a smaller version of the vehicle.

The lower half and smoke stack bits are obviously from the Imperial Guard Sentinel. The main hull is the rear bit of a Gorka Morka era Ork Trukk kit, as is the Harpoon Launcher!

Why a harpoon launcher? I wanted a relatively low power weapon (rather than a Las Cannon, etc) and it just seemed to fit. When I found the extra spear mount for the side of the hull, I was sold! I'm not exactly sure on the stats I'm going to use, but I may just pull from Gorka Morka. It is easy enough to switch out for another weapon if I want to change it out in the future.

The vehicle weighs in around 135 points and carries a crew of two...

Full stats and the fluff on the vehicle is forthcoming when I present the final scenario (hopefully next week).