Monday, June 15, 2015

The Chaos Host of Maulblade the Doomkin

I finally had the chance to set up the table to get a shot of my Chaos army, led by Maulblade the Doomkin!

I had to put a lot of light on the table to get a good shot, but the end result washed out the Chaos Warrior banner. Oh, well, I am still pleased with the results! I discovered after much fiddling about with the alignment that I need to take the time to make movement trays!

Left to right: Caramon the Rabid and part of his Chaos Dwarf warband, the Blighted Host led by Maulblade himself, Moog of Marrow Moor (the Troll), Wobblegnash's Reavers, and the Beastman Regiment With No Name.

Of course, you can see better photos in the Chaos Gallery! For that matter, every model in this army had been featured in an individual photo if you scroll back through the blog.

I really have a lot on my plate these days, so it may be a while before I get around to adding more, but going forward I want to add more Beastmen and a unit of Minotaurs (man, are these guys are pricey on eBay). I also want to bulk up my Chaos allies with a Chaos Sorcerer, more Chaos Dwarf Berserkers and Crossbowmen, a unit of Chaos Goblins, and a unit of Chaos Centaurs. So far I only have the Sorcerer and the Chaos Goblins so they will probably be next as I am trying not to spend too much on eBay over the summer.

My Undead army doesn't rally look like an army yet, so I decided to hold off on the group shot for them. I have a lot of unpainted Undead around the house so they will probably see expansion before the Chaos horde. Anyway, back to Rogue Trader next time...


  1. The grand review. Army looks awesome man! The pic does remind me I need to get cracking on my own terrain. ;)

  2. Glorious stuff Clarence. They look wonderful arrayed like that despite the lighting issues. And you're spot on about the prices on eBay!

  3. Fantastic!


  4. Looks great, washed out banner and all.