Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Slick is the second in command in my Jokaero team (gang? tribe? What's a group of apes called? Oh, cool... Google says it's a 'Shrewdness').


He is the tactical officer for the... err... shrewdness... and has all of the detection gear - Energy Scanner, Bio-Scanner, Rad Counter, etc. as well as a Las Rifle. The later is a minor conversion. I simply clipped away the M16 that was on the model and replaced it with a metal Las Rifle from an old metal Necromunda weapon sprue.


  1. That looks ace!

    Love the PC screen, could be a great little objective marker too.

    Well done.

  2. That is awesome. I find him reading the scanner humorous. That scanner looks great BtW.

  3. Love him! It appears he's viewing the matrix. Do simians see other simians (perhaps in red dresses)???

  4. The Infinite Monkey Theorem states: "Given an infinite length of time, a chimp punching at random on a typewriter would almost surely type out all of Shakespeare's plays."

    Surely it could be translated to: "Given 40,000 years, an ape typing at random on his laptop would almost surely type out all the Warhammer rulebooks."

  5. Love your work, Sir!
    I dont even come close to your skill lever at painting miniatures, but I will keep trying to rech for the Stars. If you got some time over I invte you to my blogg, maybe you can find som inspiration?
    I am collecting citadel old stuff like you, even if I only have VSF most on my blogg.
    Will follow your blogg and very inspirational pictures, thanks.