Monday, March 16, 2015

Caramon the Rabid

Here is the first of my Chaos Champions for my warbands project. I have always loved this model ever since I saw it in the Slaves to Darkness book. I decided to paint it using the same scheme from that hallowed tome and even keep the name, Caramon the Rabid!

He is destined to be the leader of my Khorne warband (my army is primarily going to be Nurgle, but I am planning on collecting warbands for all four powers). Rather than roll all of their attributes, I will pick obvious ones and then roll up a couple more until I generate ones that would not be visible. For example, Caramon the Rabid will have Chaos Armour, the Face of a Bloodletter chaos reward, and the Bird's Feet and Snake Tail mutations (I will however roll randomly to see if the snake head also has a poisonous bite). The warbands will be generated in reverse - mostly random with a few choice selections from models in my collection thrown in.


  1. Oh you did an awesome job on him. I have always held off on getting this one. But now? ?? Man I'm heading off to Ebay cya later. LOL

  2. he is a classic, and that classic colour scheme does suit him well.