Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oldhammer Legacy Warband, Part 4

Ok, ever since the new Harlequins have come out, I have been itching to paint a diamond pattern on something! The head scarf on my Legacy Pirate is challenging because of the folds and layering around the shoulders, but the sides and top are relatively flat and will show off the pattern quite well!

Stegadon Scale Green (Base) - I started by painting parallel lines in dark Stegadon Scale Green and then painting a second set of lines perpendicular to the first to make a guide for the diamond pattern.

Soteck Green (Layer) - The it's just a matter of taking a teeny-tiny brush and filling in the lines!
Temple Guard Blue (Layer) - I tried to paint roughly half of the highest part of each diamond in this stage.

Baharroth Blue (Edge) - I added sharp edge highlights to the top... err... edge of each diamond.

The pattern becomes lost in the lower folds, but the effect remains because of the strong shapes on the top and sides of the head. While I normally highlight black, I didn't do it here because I didn't want to muddy the contrast. I might go back in when I have more color on the model. Besides, the lamp reflections are doing an admirable job right now anyway! Again, it looks rough when viewed at this scale, but I am very pleased with how it turned out...

I think I'll tackle the jumpsuit and armor together next since they are the largest area of color left on the model. That will give me a good canvas to choose the remaining colors for the belts, pouches, etc.

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