Friday, March 6, 2015

Chaos Regiments

So here are my main units so far...

The Blighted Host of Maulblade the Doomkin

Wobblegnash's Reavers... Hack! Maim! Slay!

Up next I will finish the beastman regiment, add a minotaur or troll (or both!), and start on my small allied contingent of Chaos Dwarves. I also have a regiment of Slaanesh Chaos Warriors and the warbands of Slaanesh, Khorne, and Tzeentch coming down the road. The Undead will continue to grow as well with more skeletons, death riders, and a 30-model regiment of zombies!


  1. Wonderful: the severe highlighting really does make the colours stand out when the models are in their regiments. The speed with which you have made this happen is startling and I doff my cap to you in acknowledgement of this feat.

  2. By the four gods they are marvelous! I hope to face them on the table some day.

  3. My hat off to you sir, those look awesome, looking forwards to see what you do with the Khorne forces!

  4. loevly units, even if some are nurgle....