Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oldhammer Legacy Warband, Part 5

I didn't take step-by-step pics this week, but the technique is the same as before - basically solid base color, a wash, and add additional layers with the one before it peeking through! The final highlight is small and sharp on only the highest points.

The jumpsuit is painted with the following:
1. Averland Sunset (Base)
2. Fuegan Orange (Shade)
3. Averland Sunset (Base)
4. Yriel Yellow (Layer)
5. Flash Gitz Yellow (Layer)

It still looked too orange, so I had to go back into the shadow areas with Averland Sunset and only left the Fuegan Orange showing in the very deepest of recesses.

The armour plates were painted with the following:
1. Celetra Grey (Base)
2. Ulthuan Grey (Layer)
3. White Scar (Layer)

I didn't bother with a shade wash because all of the plates are flat and featureless. If there were engraved sections, studs, etc. I would have used a very controlled wash just in those areas to pick out the details.

The next step is to paint the shuriken pistol, gloves, boots, and belts. I normally varnish the model with a spray so I like to leave the metallics until after that. I will paint those last.


  1. He is looking good! I finally figured out what I am going to paint.

  2. Great colours, those checks on the head scarf are world class!