Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chaos Thugs

Another pair for the Chaos Thug unit...

I decided the thugs weren't looking chaotic enough so I painted a guy with green skin. I'll mix in a few more as I go and I have a few more mutated models to add as well.

I'm not very fond of the second model (actually rare for me to say that about these old mins). There is very little detail and the closed pose makes him very lump-like. Oh, well - you need fillers in the middle of the unit!


  1. I really like the green one, his skin is nice and pallid! Great work on the shield too.

  2. Looking good...agree that the pallid skin on the first one is a great choice.

  3. I'm really enjoying your return (?) to Oldhammer. Very inspiring stuff.

    1. Thanks! Yes I am returned... I started playing Warhammer in the 80's, gave away all of my Fantasy stuff and maybe half of my RT collection (thank goodness I kept that much) in the 90's, and staring building back the collection last year...

      At least my painting has improved since the 80's...