Monday, February 23, 2015

Chaos Thugs

More Thugs for the horde!

The second guy is just a brute and obviously on his way to become a Marauder with the pox blessing of Nurgle beginning on his cheek!


  1. More fantastic paint jobs on offer. I am rather envious of you as these are two thugs I don't own. I like how you have incorporated the more modern shields in with the older models too.

    1. Thanks... My original intention was to use classic shields, but the prices on eBay for the Citadel shields are ridiculous. i think they do look good on the Thugs and Beastmen (and Undead... lots of Skeletons with modern shields on the horizon). I reserved my precious few original shields for my Chaos Warriors...

  2. agreed...both are great additions to any force...well done!

  3. The green shield is amazing =)