Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grim Reapers

More Grim Reapers...

The top model is another of my all time favorite Warhammer models. He came from a chariot (not sure whose going to pilot that, but I'll find someone). He might end up as a champion later, but for now he will fight in the ranks for Grim Reapers!


  1. Great work dude! I love the beastman skellie (Longhorn or something isn't it?).

  2. ahh the Chariot skeleton beastman, I still kick myself to this day, as I was given that set back at school and a few years later, when 'quiting' the hobby I gave it away!

    I still cry even now :sob:

    1. I feel your pain! I gave away almost all of my original Warhammer Fantasy models and about half of my Warhammer 40k models from that era. Although it's cost me quite a bit, I've managed to replace most of them and in some armies I have more than ever!