Friday, February 13, 2015

Stub the Chaos Dwarf

Man, these Oldhammer dwarf models are really small!

Again, this model is full of character. Stub is the first of a new unit. I would love to be able to field a 10-model unit of berserkers and a 10-model unit of armoured chaos dwarf warriors, but initially I will have a unit of combined models since I only have four or five of each. These guys seem harder to get a reasonable prices than warriors or thugs. I ordered a few models from The Battleforge because I think they match well stylistically, but I'm not sure how they fit in size-wise. For now I will just place the 'correct' models in the front rank to depict the type of unit it is suppose to be.

I also have six chaos dwarfs with crossbows - strange there wasn't an option to actually give them crossbows during this period, but since chaos dwarfs cost the same as regular dwarfs I will assume I can equip them in this manner for an extra 3 points each. The Chaos Retinue table DOES allow you to outfit them with crossbows and they will probably go into my Khorne warband until I manage to get a couple more (plus standard and champion) for a proper unit.

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