Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oldhammer Legacy Warband 2015, Part 2

So here is the beginning of my entry for the Oldhammer Legacy Warband 2015 project...

I replaced the second pistol (a hand flamer) with a saber culled from the new Harlequin sprue. I liked it because of the basket hilt. I cut down the blade to make more of a cleaver than a katana, but I like the Eldar pattern of the weapon as a match to the shuriken pistol he carries. I also wanted the pose with the blade down to avoid a two-weapons-held-in-the-air stance.

Through a vote on the forum, we decided that each model needs to have some turquoise elements to tie the warband together, but I haven't decided on the color scheme just yet. The most obvious bit of fluffery is the scarf around his head so I may use the turquoise there and keep the rest of the garb more utilitarian. I'm going to paint the monkey as a Jokaero so he will have orange fur and grey skin and probably wind up with the feather in turquoise. He will share the base with the primary mini, either on the ground behind him or maybe perched on a spare bit of tech - depends on how the composition comes out.

I have a lot of stuff lines up on the painting table, so I'm not sure when I'll fit in these models, but I have months to finish it so I plan on taking my time. I'm also going to use this model as the subject of a 'how to' article so I'll be posting more WiPs as I finish each stage and share the paints and the processes I use (spoiler alert: not huge secrets, but I get enough questions about painting that it never hurts to document the process).

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  1. That saber is a huge improvement to the model, and cutting it down makes it seem both more brutal, and more fitting to the scale of the figure than a 5 foot long eldar blade.