Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heinrich Kemlar, The Lichemaster

The Terror of the Lichemaster was one of the first Warhammer Fantasy products I ever bought, even before I got the core rule book (weirdly, I bought Warhammer Armies before getting the core book as well...). The scale of the battles seemed easily achievable and the story driven plot and campaign aspect of the battles were what I thought wargaming was all about. Despite being influenced to start my Warhammer collections with dwarves and undead, I never did get around to playing the campaign or even acquiring the Lichemaster.

When I started back down the road of collecting these old models, I knew having my own Heinrich Kemlar character was a must. I paid waaaay to much for this miniature, but I consider it worth ever penny as the centerpiece for my undead army - somebody's got to raise all these skeletons and it may as well be THE Lichemaster!

Maybe I will finally get around to painting up some models for the campaign, though I will probably substitute proxies for the rest of the characters because I'm not shelling out the gold for the minions that I dropped on the master!

Many, many more undead to come, starting with the core troops - 10 Grim Reapers and 20 Skeleton Warriors (and the Chaos army will continue to grow as well - check back next week to see the first flags for the army)!


  1. Lovely miniature and good honesty about paying through the nose, I thought everyone only got 99p bargains! I know I don't. Strangely I also bought warhammer armies before the rulebook!

  2. Brilliant I want one!

  3. I'm also one of those odd folk who got the Armies book first...

  4. it's a shame he seems to be so rare to end up commanding such high prices, I think he's a very characterful model for his time, and you have painted him very well indeed.