Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beltane Tarsha

Here is the leader of Marko Steelknife's mercenary security force. Although the Rogue Trader has access to two squads of Ultramarines and a company of Imperial Army troopers, he uses mercenaries for operations that might be better kept off the Imperial books...

He actually replaced my model of Worldburner for the leader of the mercs, because I couldn't get over that dinky pistol. I think Worldburner will work better as a scout or spy for Marko Steelknife.


  1. Love this figure...and your paint job only makes me want him MORE!

  2. I love the gold you have achieved on this one. Its a colour I am still working on and envy your finish. Out of interest, how do you make those lovely RT style roster cards with your minis on?

  3. Thanks, guys.

    I made the roster card in CorelDraw and edited the photo to make the model background free in Photoshop. I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator so this template was very simple for me, but anyone should be able to achieve similar results with a vector program and a bit of effort.

    I'll be happy to post a blank template if that would be of use to anyone or even share the .cdr file, though you would need CorelDraw to use that...

  4. That model is so very Rogue Trader

  5. Nice - I love the brief background; very RT!