Friday, May 1, 2015

Skeleton Warriors Regiment and My Undead Army (So Far)

And here is the finished regiment...

I am super excited with how it turned out! I think I have enough models now to play a (very) small game...

Undead Army (1155 points)

The Lichemaster (Lvl 20 Necromancer), 250 points
Magic Weapon (Parasitic Blade)
Dread Dalgath (Lvl 10 Necromancer), 85 points
Wrathmoor (Lvl 15 Undead Hero), 95 points
Magic Weapon (Parrying Blade)
Arlun Meister (Lvl 10 Undead Hero), 60 points
Magic Weapon (Mighty Strike)

Rank and File
Death Riders (5 models), 138 points
Light Armour, Standard
Grim Reapers (10 models), 154 points
Light Armour, Standard
Skeleton Warriors (19 models), 273 points
Light Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician
Plague Cart, 100 points

I still have a Skull Chucker, three Undead Chariots, another regiment of Death Riders, 30+ zombies, 3 mummies, and 4 carrion waiting for paint, plus a handful more characters. I haven't really been worried about points so far, but I will probably sit down and work out a Stillmainia 2000 point list to work toward...

I need to sit down and figure out the points for my Chaos Army!


  1. I remember reading that Stillmania bit years ago. I am mildly amused to see that I still dont agree with the rather draconian approach, although I do understand entirely where he is coming from :)

    That regiment is absolutely wonderful. Undead rarely get away with being so colourful, but those are fantastic.

  2. Thanks! I don't agree with all of the Stillmania doctrine either... GLOSS VARNISH!

    I like having some flexibility in my lists as well, but to be honest I am a pretty poor Warhammer general because I normally fill my army with the models I want to paint rather than the best units so it doesn't usually do me much good to try and surprise my regular opponents!

  3. Stands up, wipes a tear from his chin and applauses slowly...

    (oh and I've always loved the completely extreme way of thinking of Nigel, I've actually applied those rules for some years before giving up almost entirely the army idea).

  4. Just fantastic! Each one has looked good on their own...but en masse they are truly magnificent!

  5. Awesome job Clarence! YES STILLMANIA!!! I can't bring myself to gloss varnish either...yuck! Could we possibly see these at Oldhammer weekend? ;)

    1. Missed this earlier... I won't be able to get to the Oldhammer weekend this year... Maybe next year!

    2. BOOOOO....Sorry to hear that. I'll hold you to next year. ;)