Monday, May 4, 2015

My Chaos Army So Far

Wow, Chaos Warriors are expensive!

Chaos Army (2019 points)


Maulblade the Doomkin (Chaos Knight), 332 points
Heavy Armour, Magic Weapon (Enchanted Wound)
Wobblegnash (Chaos Marauder), 73 points
Heavy Armour
Stabb the Acolyte (Lvl 10 Sorcerer), 85 points

Rank and File

Chaos Warriors (11 models), 912 points
Double-Handed Weapons, Standard
Chaos Thugs (15 models), 150 points
Shields, Standard
Chaos Beastmen (10 models), 110 points
Troll (Moog of Marrow Moor), 65 points


Chaos Dwarf Berserkers (10 models, inc. Champion), 292 points
Level 15 Hero, Double Handed Weapons

I never dreamed this tiny army was worth so many points! I wonder if it's not overkill with Chaos Warriors and maybe I should demote them Chaos Marauders. The Doomkin weighs in at 332 points as well which goes against my play style - I prefer not to have more than 10% of my points tied up in a single model and no more than 25% points in a single unit. If the general is in the unit as I plan, that is one 1244 point target waiting for Curse of Years (or some equally terrifying spell) or a Morale roll of "12" (I CAN do it) and there goes over half of my army. I definitely need to get some protection from magic on the field. I don't think the extra points are worth the third rank bonus either.

I guess having too many points is a great position to be in! In a 3000 point battle I might use them as Chaos Warriors, but would probably only field 8-10 models in the unit and just rely on their WS6 instead of the extra +1 rank bonus. I need to bolster the Beastmen regiment and add another hard hitting unit like Ogres or Minotaurs to draw some of the attention away from the Warriors. I probably also need another spell caster, but I'm eventually going to use a sorcerer for my allied leader because I plan to add a unit of Chaos Goblins and Chaos Centaurs with my Chaos Dwarfs and the sorcerer is required if you mix more than one race in the contingent.

Anyway, I'm not finished with the list, but it was fun to find out where I am with this army! I need to add a couple more models to the beastmen regiment to make them a proper unit with a standard and +2 rank bonus...


  1. If I ever play a game, I'll run my Nurgle warriors as 2 units of 1 rank of 7. No ranks may not look great, but I can't imagine a Chaos Warrior standing idle behind his colleagues...

    1. I can see that point. It is a bit wasteful having those other 14 attacks just sitting in the back rank. Although I'm more concerned with taking pretty pictures then crushing my opponents. :)

  2. Ya chaos warriors get expensive!!! I only have one unit in my army. Everything else I have downgraded to Marauders especially the cavalry. I wasn't after an ultra veteran army though. We need some army shots!!! Quit holding out. LOL

    1. Heh... my game room is undergoing an identity crisis - it thinks it is a storage area. That's the only place I have to set up for proper pics. Hopefully I can get it sorted in a few weeks because I have ACTUAL games planned! I'll take plenty of pics then!