Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chaos Dwarf Berserker Regiment


Once again, I am extremely pleased with the unified appearance of the unit despite the wildly different models. I will add a regiment standard when I get around to expanding them, but I don't have any suitable models at the moment (the other Chaos Dwarves I have are all in heavy armour).

I need to make time to set up some terrain and take a few army shots!


  1. Fantastic regiment. Looking forward to the army photos =)

  2. They turned out so well. Awesome stuff!

  3. Great project. I just binge read quite a few of your posts, I can't keep up. Really like your take on putting together your various forces.

  4. Excellent job, I especially like your colourful paint schemes ;)

  5. I love your color choices too I think exactly the same thing as you Katsuhiko JiNNai

  6. Thanks, guys!

    The color scheme basically carries through the entire army... Predominately green and red. One thing I did was vary the shades of green from model to model (might show up better on the Chaos Warriors). The predominance of these colors ties the unit together while letting me use a variety of spot colors on individual models.

  7. Hey what about some of this for the standard bearer and/or increase the regiment?

    1. Those are really nice. Any idea how they fit in with the old school Chaos Dwarves? The old Citadel models are very small. I already purchased minis from one company that were a disappointment (not the models, they were aces, just the size)...