Saturday, January 23, 2016

Got Shields?

Shields for Oldhammer have been a pain to find since I started collecting models again. So much so that I resorted to modern shields for many of my Undead and Chaos Thugs. That changed this week thanks to two events that happened back to back.

Someone I purchase from often on eBay offered to help me out. I won't mention the seller because he doesn't normally sell lots of shields, but I mentioned the dwarf horde and he said he could get me some sets for the units...

That is 100 shields in matching sets of 20, including several Marauder Men-at-Arms shields that I originally used on my old dwarf army!

The second event was more remarkable. I was showing my brother all of my Oldhammer stuff at the house last week and mentioned I had some shields on the way. He said, "Why did you buy shields? I have piles of them left over from all of our old stuff..."

Wow... and he did. He brought me this box a couple of days ago (ironically just before my first lot arrived). That was almost as great as finding all that Rogue Trader stuff a while back in my parent's attic (unlike my fantasy collection, most of the models I've painted for Rogue Trader on this site were mine, purchased back when they actually came out, and I have piles more unpainted)! Now I'm not sorry I purchased the others. The price was reasonable and I wouldn't have had groups of twenty of some of the Marauder shields. I haven't inventoried the second box yet, or even counted but there must be several hundred.

So far, I like the way 2016 is starting out...


  1. Shields are indeed a pain for Oldhammer. Even some Citadel shields like the undead ones can be hard to find in decent quantities.