Thursday, January 21, 2016

So, I Think I'll Paint a Few Dwarves...

Yep, that's how it started in December. I found a box of Prince Uther's Imperial Dwarves at what seemed like a fair price (well, no more than I'd expect to pay for any of GW's new offerings for 17 models). Then I found a series of auctions on eBay for units of twenty - Hammerers, Ironbreakers, Trollslayers, etc.

It's a bit of a sickness. That is over nine pounds (over 4 kilos, not, unfortunately pounds sterling) of dwarves! There are also an extra twenty of Prince Uther's lads you can't see because I added them into the box with the original set. For those of you that visit regularly, you may remember I got my core Undead army back from a friend to whom I gave it years ago. I had to buy a few things, but the core was quickly established. On the other hand, my Chaos army was often acquired one model at a time. Both methods have advantages, but after getting a horde of dwarves in one box, I can say that was awesome! My preferred eBay method has always been to buy units when I can.

Again, I KNOW some of you were probably bidding on the same auctions. Again, I'll apologize for the looting, but it was too good an opportunity to replace nearly all of the dwarf army I used to own in one afternoon. The good news is I am done buying for now (until I need artillery, but I'm going to paint some units first). I need to grab a few more dwarf characters, but they seem plentiful.


  1. I just did much the same thing with a (chittering) horde of Jes Goodwin Skaven! Not this many models, but all at once its a bit intimidating!

  2. Why apologise? Someone was going to win them so why not you? Besides, you'll do a cracking job painting them and we'll all get to revel in your eye candy. Don't you dare bid on old-skool Empire stuff though or I might change my tune :-)

    1. LOL... I already have an Empire army, but they are early 4th edition (see the Empire LABEL to the right) so you are safe :). Besides, after the dwarf invasion, I have decided not to buy anything else for a while until I get some of what I have painted. I still have undead and chaos to add to my existing armies and a pile of Bretonnians to paint!

    2. That's alright then! Actually my Empire are also a large extent from the same wonderful Perry vintage. Very much like your paint jobs on them, especially the halberds...

  3. Nice haul, enough to keep you busy for a while at any rate. Looking forward to see the results of your forthcoming labours.