Sunday, November 20, 2016

The State of My Oldhammer Collection

When I started this site (almost two years ago), I had a lot of Rogue Trader models that I actually purchased from the store in the 80's and 90's. However I had ZERO Warhammer Fantasy models. In the 90's I slowly replaced original purchases with newer metal models and then the plastics. I gave away all of my old fantasy stuff.

When I decided I suffered a bout of madness in those years and wanted to rebuild those old collections, I set about tracking down the old collections - both my Warhammer Empire army (built from the 'transition' period post third edition and pre fourth edition models) and Undead army were still with the guys I gave them to and they happily returned them (they moved on to plastic models too and these armies were both stored away). My Dwarves and Orcs are still with the friend I gave them to, but he wants to keep them to have something to field against me from that era. The Skaven and Chaos armies were sold on eBay, which must have been great for someone because the prices were not what we see today!

I was taking inventory of my current fantasy stock yesterday (thus the prompt for this post). I now have a fairly large collection of Warhammer Fantasy models:

Bretonnians (1000pts - all Foundry modern casts of old models - five models painted)
Chaos (2000pts - around 2000pts are painted)
Dark Elves (Mengil Manhide's Regiment of Renown)
Dwarves (3000pts - all of four models painted)
Empire (2000pts - all painted)
Slann (1000pts - ten models painted)
Undead (2250pts - 1400pts painted)

These point costs can vary greatly with the choice of characters and magic items and would likely be higher since I usually choose such things conservatively. I also have a handful of monsters (like a Chimera and Giant), random additional races (Goblins and Skaven for Chaos warbands), and random humans (Adventurers, Militia, and Villagers).

Still missing from the list of armies I want are Orcs and Goblins, Skaven, and Wood Elves. The High Elves can stay on their island (not sure why I never liked them).

I have the attention span of a small dog (SQUIRL!) and tend to switch back and forth between armies. I'm currently working on Slann (pics soon) but there's no telling what's up next!


  1. That chaos army is looking great! Impressive terrain as well, would like to see more of this if you get chance.

  2. Ah, lamenting models we've gotten rid of, something we're all guilty of! It's quite lucky you were able to get some of them back, and your chaos army looks excellent!

  3. The chase in re-collecting old minis from our youths is as exciting as painting them up and re-fielding them as an army as an adult. Great stuff.

    1. Yes, I'm having lots of fun collecting the models, though it can be frustrating at times. I bought a bunch of Slann a month or so ago and the same 20-30 listings that I sorted through originally on eBay are mostly still there - my 'alerts' on new models are normally only the re-listing of an expired auction.

      I think that's one of the reasons I rotate armies...

  4. Like you, I collected a lot of stuff in the 1980's and then just gave it away during a period of indifference/madness when I left home for university. I shudder to think of all the money that I would have saved myself on eBay in the last 10 years if I HAD ONLY KEPT MY BLOODY STUFF in a shoe-box somewhere. (Rosebud...)
    Anyway, I think you've done an excellent job re-constituting your collection. Those undead are fab. Can't wait to see what you do with the Slann.

  5. Glad you were able to recover some of your armies. I always feared regretting giving them away so I still have all my period purchases. I like your idea of totaling your armies and comparing them to actually painted models. I think that would be useful for me, but perhaps a tad depressing.