Rogue Trader Gallery

This gallery gathers together all of the painted Rogue Trader Era minis I currently have in my collection...

The above image is in homage to the original ad and was designed in celebration of the
completion of my quest to collect and paint all of the models from the 'Adventurers' range.



  1. Wow great walk down memory lane these. Very cool seeing some of these old school mini's again. I can see the obvious influence of Bob Ollie and his wonderful, characterful miniatures in some of these old classics.

    Thanks old boy
    Fanfnir Jormangandur

  2. Good work. I just painted a blister of "Human Adventurers" that was gifted to me back in the 90s, one of them I haven't found a picture of online. Maybe he is an Imperial Guardsman or something...