Saturday, November 11, 2017


 Yep. I pre-ordered the box set today and the additional Gang War rulebook. I'm slightly sketched that the second book is not part of the main set because I doubt I'll play a single game on the cardboard tiles, but the box is the best way to get the models if you intend to get both gangs.

The basic set is meant to be played as a board game and only contains the core rules. The Gang Wars book has the campaign rules.

Something I'm even more sketched about is both only include rules for TWO gangs - the Goliaths and Esher. I get that this is the same treatment sets like Bloodbowl got. The fact that this game is receiving support will cause me to overlook this. My option is to NOT buy it...

Yeah, right.

I'm willing to bet Necromunda is hands down my favorite game of all time. I bought EVERYTHING they made for the first edition of the game. Yes, I could happily play Necromunda with all of my old stuff until doomsday, but there is something about being able to walk into my FLGS and pick up new stuff for my favorite game.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this. All I can say is "Hurry up and take my money, GW! What took you so long?" You can check out pics of a small sample of my old collection here...