Saturday, August 13, 2016

Psycho Sam

Ok, so not looking like a Goliath didn't go so well...

My original plan was to paint his skin in some sort of color pattern, but with all of the belts and straps the pattern I had in mind wasn't reading well. In the end I settled on a normal skin and concentrated on picking out the wealth of detail on the model.

Psycho Sam was fun to paint and I have no doubt he will be lending his shotgun in support on one side or the other of an upcoming Rogue Trader game.


  1. He looks great! Hopefully your Sam does better than mine in his first outing.Mine was mauled by feral Orks at the New New Alamo. He did so little he didn't even make it into the battle report.

  2. It's a beauty! Probably the best painted version of him that I've seen.

  3. Well done Sir :) Another Psycho Sam in our post apocalyptic streets.

  4. Impressive! I really like this one!