Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More 'Real' Oldhammer

Stumbled on some more old photos last night...

This was 1998... From left to right... my brother, Dennis in plaid... Me in blue... Jim in grey... and Tom wearing the Kiss shirt. My wife took the pics. This was actually a mini tournament (Quindiacon!). The table was divided into two 4x4' boards. We each played three games, one against each other player. I don't remember the points, probably 1000, but this was my army...

Dennis had Chaos, Jim played Orcs and Goblins, and Tom had Bretonnians. The point totals were kept from each game and the prize was that I would paint a model for the winner (wheee). Tom was the day's winner (in fact I think he won all three of his matches) and I painted the original Green Knight in a red and white scheme to be his new army general. I think he still has the model...

A few weeks later, we played a large game with Tom and I running Dwarves and Bretonnians facing off against Jim and Dennis wielding an Orc and Goblin horde! This was a 3000 point game on a 4x8' table. I have zero memory of how this game turned out and seemed to have taken no more photos of it.

I think every one of these models are still in Jim and Tom's collections.

Lastly. a pic from 1994 and I shit you not, it was in black and white!

Yes, that's me and yes, we did have color film back then. I think Sara was experimenting with black and white photography at the time. Check out the wooden stepped hills! The 'grass' was a roll of green paper taped to the table. I think the tower in the background was made from a Quaker Oats container. The game was 4th edition, my Skaven vs Jim's Orcs and Goblins, though the only clue is the Skaven army book. I happen to remember this game because the Doomwheel suffered a Warpstone Generator mishap and ended up rampaging through my own army and the story is retold every time we relive past glories (sigh). I got my revenge a few years later though when my Empire cannon killed Jim's Orc general on the first half of turn one and routed two-thirds of the enemy army before he even got to move!

I actually have lots more pics, though generally you can't make out most of the models very well. Between us we had Bretonnians, Chaos, Dark Elves, Dwarves, the Empire, Orcs and Goblins (lots of those as we had two armies), Skaven, and Undead. There was also a contingent of Scarloc's Wood Elves that showed up from time to time.

We played a lot more games back then. I'm going to have to organize an Oldhammer day sometime soon...


  1. Wonderful stuff and great memories. Over the OHNW weekend we played a lot of 1500 point games...and that was fun...but its hard to beet the "proper" look of a 3000 point game.

    ...btw...I still have my steeped hill made out of wood...:)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. Great blast from the past. Unfortunately I have no visual record of the before times, just a pile of notes and dot matrix printouts. Ok maybe early ink jet. But you get the idea, I had the printer with the pinwheel feed that you had to tear the feed strips off. Love to hear about your plans for an Oldhammer get together, and see pictures of it of course.

  3. Awesome stuff here Clarence. These could be photos straight out of White Dwarf.