Thursday, October 27, 2016


See? I have been working on these...

I almost have another eight to make up the minimum unit size of twenty. It doesn't look like I'm going to make thirty by the end of the month, but the Slann distracted me. Win-win really...

I recently discovered that when I worked out the points for my existing Undead army, I made some mistakes (for instance all magic items cost 25 points plus their specific trait cost) and the army is actually closer to 1400 with the addition of this unit and another Undead Hero. A single warmachine gets me to 1500 and with all of the models I have on hand (a second unit of eight undead horsemen, three mummies, three chariots, four carrion, and an undead catapult) I am well over 2400 points! Woot! I mean, Unnngh!


  1. Superb! Those color choice make them look creepily cool all ranked up. ;)

  2. Wonderful work. As Airbornegrove says, you're callers are just great.
    Those zombies sculpted by Kev Adams are some of the best fantasy zombies every sculpted, hands down -- they are so vile and hilarious at the same time. Great to see you turn your skills to them.