Monday, October 3, 2016


And that's the difference when you're painting something with motivation...

Zombies are in no way uniform so making a coherent unit can be a challenge. The plan is to vary skin tones between the five shades above, while painting the exposed muscles and bone the same and keeping clothing uniformly dark, though not always black (in fact I plan to mix in a few reds to match the skeleton units). Eyes, teeth, and weapons will all be painted the same.

However, if I were to paint six models in each shade, the result would still seem very patchy. By varying the number of each, and weighting one toward roughly half, the end result will be more unified. In the case above, we'll call them Pallid (x11), Grey (x8), Bone (x6), Green (x3), and Blue (x1). The figure in parenthesis means 'times number of models'. More than half will be sickly skin tones (Pallid and Bone) while the other colors will end up as accents... and yes, there are only 29, because the hero will make thirty.

The models above were painted randomly, but I learned that exposed bone shows up better against the Grey and Green. When I have a sort, I'll choose models with obvious skeletal bits for those colors. Also any red clothing will go to pale monsters - the grey skin reads like blue with the warm color next to it and the green and red combo are right out for this evil army.

So five guys in one day - and to think I was worried about painting thirty models by the end of the month!


  1. Very nice work. So that's what inspiration looks like. ;) I have to say that coming up with a cogent plan for units is sometimes the biggest stumbling block for me.

  2. Great work on those zombies!