Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Yes, I'm suppose to be painting zombies, but, c'mon! I HAD to try out one of these models. Behold the mighty Haciend (Ribbit) and know fear!

I decided to go with warm earthtones (in this case, GW XV-88, Agrax Eathshade, Balor Brown, and  Zamesi Desert) for the rank and file Slann and use bright colors on their gear. I haven't decided if I want to add freehand icons on the shields yet, so I just went for a mottled texture for the moment.

The character models will trend more toward green, but a muted olive or green brown and the venom tribes will be dull orange/yellow and black. I haven't decided how to paint the cold ones, but might go with blue like the old school advert to contrast with the frogs.

Right! Back to zombies...


  1. I can dig it.Reminds me I have some 20mm lizard men that I wanted to paint up like geckos.

  2. Wonderful work mate. He's absolutely gorgeous!