About Me

I have been collecting and painting model soldiers for more than thirty years. During the last few years I have been watching the revival of the retro-game community with interest. I still have a pile of Rogue Trader era lead and in 2013 I decided to paint some of these old minis - and as long as I'm at it, I thought I might as well start another blog, at least to document the progress and growth of the collection for myself!

For Oldhammer, I have a fairly large collection of 80's era Undead and I am slowly rebuilding a Chaos army from eBay to replace the one I GAVE AWAY twenty years ago (before eBay - what a treasure horde I had) when I thought I had quit Warhammer Fantasy for historical wargaming and figured if I ever did start playing again it would be with shiny new models. I also have a pile of the modern Foundry Medieval range which used to be the Citadel Bretonnians. For Rogue Trader, I have Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, and Orks, plus lots of adventurers, mercenaries, and pirates. I don't have any sort of schedule I'm going to maintain - posts and topics may be erratic depending on my free time.

Besides showing off my painted models, I plan to review the bits from the old books that really caught my attention way back when, post battle reports when I can actually get some games in, and generally ramble on about oldschool gaming in general.

For those who don't recognize the name Stro'Knor Macekiller, he is the Chaos Warrior pictured in the logo (and at the start of this page). Back in ancient times, Citadel use to name all of their models in the adverts. Macekiller has always been one of my favorite models for the era and was the inaugural miniature for the launch of this site.