Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Well, this escalated quickly.

My pile of orcs and goblins has grown exponentially in the last few weeks and I’ll be spending this glorious month getting stuck in.

Currently the horde easily musters at over 2000 points...

General (lvl 20 hero) on Warboar
Shaman (lvl 20 wizard)
15 Gruntas (inc lvl 10 hero and standard)
16 Orc Boyz w/Spears (inc lvl 5 hero, standard, and musician)
18 Orc Boyz w/Extra Hand Weapons (inc lvl 5 hero, standard, and musician)
10 Orc Arrer Boyz (inc lvl 10 hero, standard, and musician)
10 Orc Arrer Boyz (inc lvl 5 hero)
20 Gobbos (inc lvl 5 hero, standard, and musician)
30 Stikkas (inc lvl 10 wizard and standard)
4 Goblin Fanatics
12 Scabbies (inc lvl 10 hero)
5 Gobbo Wolfboyz
2 Goblin Battle Chariots
2 Trolls
1 Mercenary Giant

All of these models are in the 1988-91 catalogs, with a handful of exceptions (which are even earlier, like the half-orcs) and the giant which is an old Tom Meier Ral Partha sculpts that fits in beautifully. I have a few more Orc Boyzthan I've listed above. I’ve divided them into two tribes, the Fanged Maw and the Bloody Hand, but there are enough models in neutral colors (and without shields) to mix among either so I can vary the size of each unit.

I want to add more wolf riders and another troll when I find another from the 80's I want to use. There are some Big ‘Uns mixed among the orc units and if I can gather together ten, I’ll reorganize them into their own mob.

More soon!