Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Heroes of Fruglehofen

Yes, I know I said I was starting with Gimbrin's Mine... again. Due to vagaries of the warp or machinations of some evil power I am still waiting for some of the dwarves I need for the defenders. Forging boldly ahead, I've finished the named characters of Fruglehofen (also still on the lookout for a pair of Bogels who should be en route).

Albi 'Mad-Twister' Schutz owns the village trading post and is a retired champion wrestler. He is a popular figure in Fruglehofen and the citizens will look to him to lead them in time of crisis. I've painted him pretty much like the cardboard counter that comes with the game.

Grimwald Calico is a Brettonian anarchist lying low in Fruglehofen after a failed assassination attempt on the mayor of Quenelles. The text says he is armored in chain and equipped with a shield, but I'm going to stat him in leather. He has a bomb which should prove entertaining, especially as I'm going to work out some way it could backfire in skaven-like fashion. I haven't even seen an official model for Grimwald on eBay in a year (though I admit to not policing the auctions on a regular basis), so I resorted to an old Ral Partha casting from the same era. Many of their models from the period would be too slight of build to fit in with Citadel, but I think the pre-slotta base and heavy cloak help him look right at home.

(EDIT: Thanks to Orclord at Stuff of Legends, I have a proper Grimwald on the way!)

Antonio Epstein is half-Italian and half-Reiklander and was on his way to an exotic party in the southern lands until he spied the lovely Riolta Snow. He will be an unwilling defender of the village, but will try to impress the Elven archer with his derring do! I took the opportunity of the plain doublet to add some stripes to show his is a fancy lad!

Riolta Snow is a High Elven archeress and wealthy dilettante on holiday touring the Old World. To her misfortune, she is in Fruglehofen when the Lichemaster attacks, but she will be a valuable in defense of the village. A fellow traveler, whose name she can never quite remember, seems intent on following her around...

Gim Grundel is a halfling and runaway from the lands of the Empire to the north. I've already showcased him on the blog, but wanted to include him to soothe my OCD.

I've slowly been amassing a collection of fighters, mercenaries, and townsfolk to use as the defenders of Fruglehofen. These models are a mix of original 80's lead and modern Wargames Foundry castings. The original scenario calls for 20 with hand weapons and 20 with bows, but I may reduce the archer contingent a bit. There are no missile weapons in the Lichemaster's army beyond any spells the big guy can throw. I actually haven't decided on what rules I'm going to use, so that will have some bearing on what I need to do to try and balance the game.

I'm having a lot of fun with this project! I'm preparing to build a custom board for Gimbrin's Mine and I'll chronicle the method behind the madness in an upcoming post.


  1. I like the fancy doublet! I'm looking forward to seeing what the mines end up looking like.

  2. I am continually amazed at your commitment to the smallest detail in this project. Almost everyone not only has a name, but a backstory about why they are there when the Lichemaster attacks. Bravo! I am truly Kermit Green with envy.

    1. Thanks, Major! I try to infuse all of my projects and games with a narrative. In this case, these characters are detailed in the original scenario published by GW and have even longer bios than the few sentences I've paraphrased here!

  3. It's a treat to see you taking up the Lichemaster project. I've thought of trying to do it myself just using the old Ral Parthas. I think the old RP 'true 25' ranges offer up a pretty good proxy figure for almost all of the characters in the Lichemaster saga except for old Jacsen and the Dwarf miners. Awaiting further posts with great interest.

    1. Thanks, Mouse! Five out of six of my dwarves are just adventurers (only one looks like a miner), though I did manage to get my hands on an official Gimbrin model! I will have pics of the dwarves up very soon...