Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rogue Trader Adventurers

I made a decision to fill in the missing models from my adventurer collection and, more importantly, get them all painted! I've had many of these models for decades, purchased when they were actually released, but there were a few missing. I have managed to acquire all of them in the last few weeks except for the Test-Bed Slave (if anyone has one they are willing to part with, drop me a note).

This model was listed as Tech-Priest Zon, but I've painted him as some sort of bureaucrat so I've renamed him Administrator Zon. He will be part of the administratum and likely end up as an objective in some game or another!

I'm not sure what an Ex-Tech is supposed to be, but he's armed with a flamer... maybe some sort of welder in the employ of the Adeptus Mechanicus? He's probably destined to join their retinue in the Last Stand at Brandon's Star IV game...

Obviously many more to come as well as mixing in other models from era!


  1. Now I want to strip my copies and try and get them as cool looking

  2. 5 figures for £2.50!? Great looking paint jobs on these and a very interesting project.