Friday, December 19, 2014

The Cunning Plan

So apart from a bit of random painting, I do have a plan for my Oldhammer collection moving forward...

I have a substantial amount of classic undead models that I plan to forge into a 'legal' third edition army - meaning the minimum twenty Skeleton Warriors and ten Grim Reapers led by a spell casting character, mostly likely a low level Necromancer at this point. Beyond these models I have two small units of Death Riders, three Undead Chariots, thirty Zombies, four Carrion, three Mummies, a Skull Chukka, and a Plague Cart, plus various characters and a summoned wraith or three. I'm going to set a goal of painting 500 point 'brigades' per month, working toward a 2000 point army. Depending on the Winds of Chaos, I may not paint these in consecutive months, but if I start I will try to finish a brigade.

Speaking of the Winds of Chaos, my plans for these models are a little different. Right now I have half a dozen Chaos Warriors and Chaos Champions, fifteen Chaos Thugs, and seven Chaos Beastmen. This army is growing in one's and two's so it may take all year to put together enough for a respectable army. I'm going to build two warbands that can battle each other or team up to face my Undead or Bretonnians. Nurgle and Slaanesh have always been my favorites so I will focus on these, but my Chaos Warriors and Chaos Thugs will be painted in neutral schemes so I can use them for either warband or combine them into larger units.

I'm not building to any specific list as recruitment will depend on models available on eBay - and at reasonable prices. While there are some truly rare minis that might be worth $20-30 (or more), too many sellers have slapped the collectible label on rank and file troops. There are great deals available (I got fifteen Citadel Chaos Thugs for $90 including shipping from the UK - make that $6 each, which is in the range I'm willing to spend for troops), but it's more usual for me to pick up recruits in one's and two's. The end result should be a very organic force - not unlike the way Chaos Champions might gather their retinues!

I LOVED the third edition version of Bretonnia. Knights, Brigands, Rascals... The great thing about the Bretonnian army is that many of the miniatures are still available from Wargames Foundry! I have around 20 knights, 20 'Chasseurs de la Mort', 30 Rascals. and 10 Rapscallion for the core of this army. I want to build an army teaming with peasants and lowly infantry along the lines of the one featured in the Warhammer Army Book by Dave Andrews, but I'll settle for a few units to start with...

I'll delve into plans for my Rogue Trader collection next week...

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