Saturday, January 10, 2015


I managed to paint these this week. I LOVE these old Beastmen models. I am lucky enough to have around twenty of these...

The shields are from one of the more modern kits. Prices for the old shields on eBay are ridiculous. I'm planning on doing the same for my Chaos Thugs and Skeleton Warriors because I have piles of newer shields in my bits box. The handful of old school shields I have are reserved for my Chaos Warriors!

The building is scratch-built from foamcore and balsa wood with the addition of some old Mordheim bits.


  1. Great work. The shields are particularly impressive: the wood effect is superb!

  2. Wonderful paintjobs. I am going to have to agree with antipixi, those shields are ace!.

  3. Excellent work!
    And you are quite right, Chaos Warriors should always get the sexy shields =)