Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Natasha's Luck, Part Three

Here is my progress with a fast pinnace or shuttle for Warhammer 40k... Factory Fresh...

...and the Working Class Girl...

In the top set of photos's I painted the stylish stripes with GW's Averland Sunset (Base). Then I set about adding some variation in the hull color by washing different panels and equipment with GW Shades - Nuln Oil, Seraphim Sepia, Carroburg Crimson, or Agrax Earthshade. By using washes instead of paint I was able to maintain a unity of tone and keep all of the lovely variation that came from the earlier drybrushing and blending. Then I added decals from several GW spare sheets - I think a Baneblade and Imperial Knight.

Then I set out the mar the factory finish and you can see the results in the bottom two photos. First I nicked up the decals and stripes by painting small chips with Vallejo US Field Drab, which blended nicely back into the hull color. Then I used a sponge to stipple GW Mournfang Brown and Skavenblight Dinge over the entire model. I hand painted 'NATASHA'S LUCK' on the left wing with GW White Scar (Layer). I toyed with the idea of having some custom decals made, but decided I liked the look of the hand done lettering for a 40k vehicle.

It's getting close to being finished. It's actually fine as is, but I want to apply some targeted oil washes and weathering powders - these will be fairly subtle. It is easy to overdo weathering and I want this to look like a hard working vehicle, not a derelict! There are a few more details to pick out and a couple rounds of varnish, but I am really happy with how this turned out and am already thinking of my next conversion!

The next time I post pics of Natasha's Luck, I will have her set out with terrain...


  1. This is so incredible, what you've achieved here is amazing and you've every right to be proud. Don't overdo the weathering, keep it subtle. Inspired.

  2. That is particularly lovely, well done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is awesome, excellent work good sir!

  4. Lovely work! Really nice :)


  5. Stupendous job. Really like how the colors work, particularly the yellow stripe that ties the rhino doors in more.

  6. Very cool, Where did you find a Danube Runabout model to convert into a Warhammer 40k style ship?

    I've been looking everywhere for something suitable, but most models are crap, either they're cheap plastic, or they're incompatible plastic which makes the paint flake off and fall away.

    1. Thanks! I got it off of eBay... There are usually a few for sale there.